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The death of classroom textbooks is predicted today by the new leader of the country’s top girls’ schools. In future, pupils will access texts through smartphones and e-readers, Louise Robinson, the incoming president of the Girls’ Schools Association, said in her first interview.

“Taking on board the fact that textbooks will be on your mobile, whatever shape, name or type of fruit your mobile relates to… anywhere, any time, any place – it’s a huge possibility,” she said. Pupils could learn more from the “magic” of using smartphones and tablets than from simply reading a book, she argued.

In addition, they can access information in advance of lessons. “If you say: ‘The next lesson is going to be on the skeleton’, what you can see online now in terms of the skeleton and where you can go with it makes children have far more control over their learning that they ever could do before. One click and you’re into another world,” she added.

She continued: “When you see a young child on their tablet, or internet, the magic they are seeing in that information, the way that they absorb it and reflect it back at you is just wonderful.”

via Schools head hails ‘magic’ of learning via smartphone – Education News – Education – The Independent.


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100 Implings??

Allow me to explain.

The first story I ever wrote was about an imp, a thief of brownies. Fast forward and that effervescent character became the basis of a race of imps in the multiverse I was creating. I decided to make them an all-female immortal race, and I called their daughters implings. Any male children belong to the race of the father. Fast forward again, and by then I had my MC (Tanix) figured out. I wanted to write some background tales. Now Tanix is a good storyteller, and implings love stories, so that gave me a frame for the tales – Tanix and the (100) Implings.

Implings pester Tanix for stories all the time, bless their little cotton socks. And I seem to have numerous muses in my mind pestering me to write stories. I think you can see where I’m going here. *g*

The 100 implings are my muses.

Here’s an example of their pestering from my WIP:

Tanix spoke until dusk about his experiences on the Hel Maiden world while Chui made copious notes. They were interrupted when five implings came running in, bare feet leaving dusty imprints on Chui’s carpets. He tutted and went off to find a broom.

The implings clambered onto Tanix, kissed him, and settled down to the important business of rummaging through his pockets to search for interesting trinkets or, much preferably, sweet treats.

“You’re late, Tanikth!” said one who was busy unwinding his Dragonheart braid with sticky fingers.”

Tanix chuckled. “Am I, sweetheart?”

“Oh yeth!” said the impling. “Very! Our mummies told uth to bring you for dinner. Now.”

“Oh? They’re going to eat me?”

The impling looked offended. “No! You’re not cooked. And you couldn’t give bedtime thtories if they ate you.”

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